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As Economy Recovers, Divorce Rates Increase in Tennessee, Across America

Recent research that will be published in the upcoming edition of Population Research and Policy Review suggests a correlation between our nation’s economic recovery and a rise in divorce rates… Read More
Tennessee Property Division: Insurance and Divorce

When someone in Rutherford County is going through a divorce there are many things to think about such as finding a new home, separating physical property, hashing out the details for child support, and negotiating the terms of child custody… Read More
Protection Orders Based on False Allegations

Tennessee law provides protection orders for victims of domestic violence, sexual assaults and stalking. A protection order is a civil order signed by a judge that prohibits an abuser from doing certain things, such as going to a certain location or contacting a victim…. Read More
Making Back-to-School Easier for Divorced Parents and Their Children

As children in Tennessee and across the country return back to school in the fall, parents are helping children get back into school year routines to pave the way for happy and successful experiences. Going back to school can be hectic for all families… Read More
Tennessee Child Support Case Shows Consequences of Legal Parentage

Sometimes courts need to step in to determine paternity when there is a dispute. However, courts do not always get it right when establishing paternity, which causes problems for all involved… Read More
Property Division In Tennessee: Factors Considered In Divorce Cases

Many difficult decisions must be made when a couple decides to end a marriage and go through a formal divorce process… Read More
Social Media and Its Evidentiary Impact On Divorce Proceedings

Jennifer Baker, a professional at the Forest Institute of Professional Psychology, contends that roughly 50 percent of marriages in America end in divorce…. Read More

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