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The division of marital property during a divorce can be a place of heated dispute and confusion. Much of that confusion stems from most people being unaware of what really constitutes marital property. During a marriage, with minor exceptions, such as inheritance, any assets or debts accumulated belong to both parties. Even an inheritance can become a part of the marital estate if it is not very clearly kept as separate property.

At Sandra L. M. Smith, Esq. and Melanie Lepp, P.C., the Murfreesboro division of assets attorneys have decades of combined experience that can help you achieve your goals for the property division component of your divorce. We understand how critical it can be to secure sufficient assets to help with the establishment of a new household. Further, our firm understands that certain assets may have an emotional component.

Equitable Division in Tennessee

During the division of property, the court will seek to divide the marital estate in an equitable fashion. This does not necessarily mean equally. The court will look at a variety of factors such as:

  • Age of the parties
  • Education
  • Ability to earn
  • Individual contribution to the marriage
  • Responsibility for debts
The court may recognize a mother who stayed home to raise children rather than engaging in a career as having made a significant contribution to the marital estate, and may utilize the equitable distribution to financially recognize that contribution.

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