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For those who have not been through a divorce before, it can be hard to grasp the complexity of the issues that need to be decided during one. The mingling of finances, assets and personal relationships that are part of a marriage can be difficult to fully comprehend until the moment when you actually begin disentangling them.

Having the reassurance that you are supported by experienced legal representation as you proceed through such a challenging time can be invaluable toward giving you the confidence you need to move forward.

At Sandra L. M. Smith, Esq. and Melanie Lepp, P.C., the Murfreesboro divorce attorneys bring decades of combined experience to the aid of individuals and families throughout our area. We know how trying divorce can be, and we know how important it is that your divorce is done well. We are dedicated to using our experience to help people make wise decisions regarding their divorces.

Complex Issues

In the current economic situation, many divorces are more complicated in that there may be excessive debt and not much in the way of assets. Given that a divorce takes one household and divides it into two, often without any increase of income, this increase in debt that married couples are carrying complicates those divorces. Our firm offers its experienced representation on the following divorce-related issues:

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If you are facing a legal challenge, you will greatly benefit from the representation of seasoned legal counsel. Turn to the experienced Murfreesboro lawyers of Sandra L. M. Smith, Esq. and Melanie Lepp, P.C. The highly skilled attorneys can help you secure the maximum benefits. To schedule your initial consultation, call 615-893-5538 or 615-217-1400, or simply contact us online. We accept credit cards for our clients’ convenience.
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