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When accusations of domestic violence arise, the situation needs to be handled aggressively and competently to ensure that your rights are protected. Accusations of domestic violence are taken very seriously by law enforcement and the courts, and can have very serious negative consequences that are both immediate and long lasting. Take action now to defend yourself against a restraining order and the immense impact that it can have on your life.

At Sandra L. M. Smith, Esq. and Melanie Lepp, P.C., the Murfreesboro domestic assault attorneys can help you defend yourself against accusations of domestic violence in hearings regarding any possible, temporary protective order. We know what is at stake when you are faced with the possibility of having to live under a restraining order, and we will work to help you.

Consequences of a Temporary Protective Order

If you do become the subject of a restraining order, you will be forced to adapt to a variety of immediate consequences that may include:
  • Not being able to return home
  • Not being able to see your children
  • No alcohol
  • No possession of firearms
  • No contact with the person who sought the restraining order
Any violation of the terms of your restraining order is a separate criminal offense and can result in you going to jail. Any contact with the other party, even if they initiate it, can be grounds for you being incarcerated for contempt.

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If you are facing the possibility of having a temporary protective order taken out against you, you need to secure the representation of seasoned legal counsel. Turn to the Tennessee family lawyers of Sandra L. M. Smith, Esq. and Melanie Lepp, P.C. The highly skilled attorneys offer effective guidance in even the most challenging of situations. To schedule your initial consultation, call 615-893-5538 or 615-217-1400, or simply contact us online.
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